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#furries recovering from horror game trauma featuring funny animals

I told you guys not to fuck the robots.

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  • yall as counselors: pls do not be sad friend!!! the stars love you and want to kiss your flesh which is made of sunlight and small bugs!! uwu
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You never know!

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Nagisa ate too much of that strawberry protein powder.

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open rp




"Ah~ You must be the new security guard. I’m Foxy, you can come visit me in the pirate’s den if you ever get lonely~"


"I heard somebody needed me?"

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You’re at a bar with live music. A man in his late 30’s is setting up on stage. He’s wearing a black turtle neck blue jeans and cheap plastic sunglasses, and he opens a 2002 Macintosh laptop. He smirks, holds up on finger on his left hand and presses a button on the laptop. Sandstorm begins to play. The man pumps his left hand to the beat of the song. at first you laugh as you remember the song, but you soon turn your back to the set and have a couple more sips of your drink. about seven minutes later you clue in that the music is still playing. You dont recall the song being so long. You turn around and realize the entire bar is transfixed on the man behind the laptop still grinning smugly, left hand still pumping to the beat, with his index finger extended. You can turn away. the iconic beat is engraved in your mind. You try to meet the mans eyes with your own but you can’t. His sunglasses obscure his eyes from yours. Time passes you realize you have been staring at the man , pumping his fist for nearly three hours. You cant feel your body at this point, the beat is numbing and louder than it has ever been. No one in the bar can move. You realize they have met the same fate. With no one to stop him, the man will play Darude’s Sandstorm until everyone there perishes. You fear this is the end, yet you accept it, as the music grows louder still. You have no regrets, and this is the way you die…

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Zodiac Meaning For Eternity


aries: homestuck trash
taurus: homestuck trash
gemini: homestuck trash
cancer: homestuck trash
leo: homestuck trash
virgo: homestuck trash
libra: homestuck trash
scorpio: homestuck trash
sagittarius: homestuck trash
capricorn: homestuck trash
aquarius: homestuck trash
pisces: homestuck trash

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I was having a hard time sleeping tonight and i thought i saw human scooby doo on the tv but it was just a bad dream and not real and it turns out it was real and human scooby doo looks like this


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